Waxing Lyrical

Well, the poetry season is upon us again and anybody who would like to join in the fun next week can email the Moonerazzi through Predictorship headquarters – the first humble offerings are from our favourite Baggies Boy (Mark Young) and yours truly, the Blackburn Rover at the end of this report. The gauntlet has been tossed to the ground in a cavalier fashion and it’s for YOU to pick it up.

Only a quick summary of the runners and riders as the week draws to a close; following a 10 hour train ride across the Indian hinterland and a few dodgy samosas, it’s time to pay another visit to the bathroom…

* Top score: 9 – Saleel Sathe (now breathing down Christine’s neck in 2nd), Dave Taylor and Jill Taylor
* Lowest score: Oh dear. Sally Moon’s form’s diving faster than a Gordon Brown’s reputation with a very unhealthy 3 points.
* Prediction of the Week: Christine Butters, Rob Molloy, Nicola Savage and Jill Taylor for Blackburn 0 Villa 2
* Average: a very healthy 6.4
* Turnout: 35 out of 41, hence the 6 yellow splodges at the lower end of the table. What a poor showing! Lucky none of them are still involved in the Cup next weekend, but the red cards are nevertheless poised …
* Seasonal Highs: A second consecutive seasonal high for Predictorship Chairman David Roberts who’s now up to 7th and is the leading ex-British Hit Singles & Albums man having overtaken from Marvellous Matt White.
* Stat of the week: 3 more goalless draws bring the total number of 0-0s in the last 3 weeks to 9. Norma-no-mates now has 34 correct scores to her name, the same number as Christine Butters and just one behind Mr Accuracy himself, Saleel Sathe, with 35. Wasn’t the Premier League was supposed to be entertaining?

… and finally…
* Tip of the Week: Stato Matt suggests a cowardly set of 0-0 scores is the way to make points this week. Shame on him!

Moonstruck (by Mark Young)
There once was an Alan Shearer loving poet from Blackburn.
Whom the Emmy Award darlings did oft’ spurn.
The reason, of course,
Was her habit of hitting the sauce,
And then on the Ewood Park PA screaming: “What’s a Greek Urn?”

And lets be fair, if that’s not a prize winner, well I’ll turn in BOTH my Emmy Awards…

Baggies Down (by Sally Moon)
There was an old journo from ‘Bromwich
Who waddled from Portsmouth to Norwich
He hoped he would pass
the awards up his **se
but his passage was blocked with stale porridge.

What was it they said about a woman scorned?…