Home and Away

They say truth is stranger than fiction and the Predictorship soap opera continues…

Christine Butters and Saleel Sathe have been locking horns like a couple of oil barons at the Southfork annual barbeque for weeks and Saleel had finally used his wily 1-0 tactics to usurp champion Christine at the top of the table after 4 triumphant months.

However, wearing some mighty big stetsons themselves, Steve Dunlop and Tom Palmer are also sauntering around and roasting their jumbo sausages to join sneaky Saleel with an ostentatious nine points each.

Price fixing (or should I say match fixing) rumours abound as a curious meeting of cow-pokes Patrick Bevilacqua, Dave McAleer and Mark Young yields an uncannily accurate score for the Watford – Chelsea match (1–3). On hearing the news Chairman David is left steaming at the ears like a pot full of corn with such a betrayal of the ‘family’ team – acting swiftly to call Lady-of-the-ranch ‘Miss Janet’ Roberts and family attorney ‘judge’ Matt White to an emergency summit on the patio.

A suspiciously high weekly average of 6.15 fuels the accusations of foul play further as emotions running higher than a steer on heat; the Roberts are tussling together agressively on 164 points with the same number of correct results and correct scores and there couldn’t be more at stake (or is that steak?!).

Further family squabbles are afoot by the swimming pool where two members of a rival clan, Roger Taylor and Jill Taylor, are crossing their toasting forks and flicking guacamole in a threatening manner as they go head-to-head on 154 points.

The outcome could be messy and that’s before they’ve started on the Mississippi mud pie…

So load your paper plates and let them fly in another exciting (and messy) week!