Party Games

‘Slumdog’ sweeping the board at the Oscars, chocolate sales at an unexpected high, Chris Butters leapfrogging into the Predictorship lead once more over a prostrate Saleel Sathe… lets face it, we’ll use any excuse for a party at Predictorship HQ…

With an average score of 5.27 this week, there are few prizes to give out but the fun is in the participating as Norma No-Mates will vouch for after hauling in another massive 8 points. Fuelled by her success and hopeful of gaining a little company, Norma tries to entice a pitiful Mark Young away from his bowl of jelly and Playboy magazine behind the buffet. Poor Mark. Another dismal 4 points has done nothing to improve his humour and it’s little wonder, given his lewd and salacious fantasies about (I kid you not), the Chairman and his wife!

… and I quote:

‘Frankly, I’m not sure I can concentrate on predicting this week — I keep having visions of Watford scarves being tossed in the air, and cries of: “Oh Rocket Man…” Which probably means this lot could be pretty good for once.’

Oh dear.

Meanwhile, Party girl Chris is joined in her victory conga by Simon Gold and Gareth Jones, cavorting around the room to celebrate top scores of 9 points. A little wiggle of the hips over here and a little shimmy over there and the excitement is infectious (not so for Mark however who’s reduced to a quivering wreck at the sight of such mobile pelvis activity and he is unfortunately locked in the stationery cupboard for his own protection).

Unaware of the furore Maziar Sattari and Dave McAleer clash their Bacardi Breezers together to toast their rather fabulous 8 points. Norma of course tries to sneak into the felicitations with tales of her own success, but the boy manage to slip on to a couple of bar stools and nudge her out of the way.

Over on the dance floor love is in the air and, free from the Baggie’s lascivious glare, Chairman David takes his lovely wife Janet in a warm embrace. Swaying gently to a David Essex medley, David is holding Janet close as they smooch lovingly towards the top of the table in 5th and 6th position. No doubt the topic of their intimate whispering is why Wayne Rooney was left out of the United squad this week and what it means for the line-up at the weekend so, keen to pick up a few tips another Predictorship couple: John and Sally Collins (in 16th and 17th places), tango within earshot of the newly weds.

The night is young and Predictors of the Week: Gareth Jones (Stoke 2-2 Portsmouth), (Liverpool 1-1 Manchester City) and Simon Gold (Liverpool 1-1 Manchester City) move the party out into the car park dragging their complementary crates of beer.

Maybe a little star gazing may help us to make sense of the bizarre meanderings of the scores this week? Only Mystic Meg can provide the answer to that…