Cosmic Prancers

With the final countdown to the end of the season underway, Predictorship players have launched a final campaign on the leadership. Have some turned to the Dark side with Didier ‘Darth’ Drogba? We can only hope not.

The Millennium Falcon soars up the table with Gabe Bevilacqua at the helm clutching an immense 13 points; the 2nd highest score of the season after Steve McHugh’s 14 in week 9. Wishing he was flying ‘solo’, Gabe is engaged in a rocket-fuelled argument with co-pilot Mark ‘Chew’-Young. Not content with ranting rabidly at Chairman ‘Skywalker’:

This relegation business is tough enough without the Chairman suddenly putting the boot in to innocent Albion fans. What’s next? You’ll declare your Watford scarf a Hull City muffler?

Chewy is challenging Gabe’s loyalty with his spot-on predictions (a maximum 10 correct results – the first of the season, and 3 correct scores for Middlesbrough, Stoke & Tottenham). It seems to be the Tottenham result most in dispute but it’s rather difficult to tell as another squealing Ewok is hurled at the unfortunate pilot.

But with a Universe to save, their dispute will need to be resolved quickly. Emperor Saleel Sathe has once more used his dark powers to rise another two points above Christine Butters and it looks as if it will take more than a fancy hairdo and a pair of white wellies to save Chris from succumbing to Saleel’s iron grasp on the trophy.

Waiting in deep space, the Alliance is poised for the final battle and with an average score of 8.07, the force is with them this week and there may yet be hope. Meanwhile a grey-bearded Gareth Jones has been slicing through the storm troopers with his light sabre and forseeing a maximum 10 correct results. Who knows what other tricks may be hidden under that cloak?

Even farther out on the remote planet of Dagobah, Tom Palmer flicks his pointy little ears and waves his walking stick to transport the shiny Prediction of the Week award into his wizzened hand. With a prediction of 3-1 for Manchester City v Blackburn there can be no arguing with that.

But with a rush of youthful exuberance, Chairman ‘Skywalker’ isn’t remaining so calm: The levitation isn’t going that well and with the assault by Mark Young, his normally steady hand on the helm is getting out of control:

TOTTENHAM HOTSPUR 3 WEST BROMWICH ALBION 2 (I don’t often predict five!)

Well, best not to do that again David or you’ll never strike the Death Star toilet duct and Chris may never clutch that trophy again!