The 2006 Shirt Cup Presented By F.C. Camena: USA Wins!

In what is most certainly a good omen for tomorrow’s opening match, the USA thoroughly routed a strong Croatia shirt to take the 2006 Shirt Cup Presented By F.C. Camena ™. While the USA surely enjoyed a bit of a hometown advantage (I don’t imagine we had too many visitors here on the site from Zagreb over the weekend), given Croatia’s performance to date, the result was a bit of a surprise. Congrats, of course, also go to the folks in Oregon — to have the hometown shirt win an all-Nike final? Well played, indeed.

U-S-A! U-S-A!

Thanks to everyone who voted.

The 2006 Shirt Cup: Final

Only one more

We started with 32, and now we have only 2.

In the semifinals, the USA ran away from upstart Cote D’Ivoire and Croatia won a tight match against Argentina, setting up the all-Nike final that the folks in Oregon had been hoping for.

USA v Croatia

As the hosts, clearly the US enjoy an advantage, but the Croatians continue to impress and surprise. And really, who can say no to the checkerboard shirt? Who? The final will run through Sunday night.


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2006 Shirt Cup: Final Four

The Final Four

In college hoops, it would be time for Billy Packer (a.k.a. The Joe Theismann of college basketball). In the 2006 Shirt Cup Presented By F.C. Camena ™, it just means we’re down to the final four entries. The quarterfinals were well attended, and while all the competitors were certainly game, class won out in each matchup. The Cote D’Ivoire continued their remarkable run by ousting the inventors of the game. USA showed their strength and sent Togo packing, though the newcomers have nothing to be ashamed of. Argentina demonstrated why they’re the kings of South America (and vertical stripes) by defeating Paraguay, and Croatia coasted against the Ukraine.

With only four teams remaining, our voters have some tough choices. Will we see an all-Nike final (USA v Croatia)? Will the orange elephants from Africa continue their run to greatness? Or will the Argies’ class win out?

The semifinals beckon:

Cote D’Ivoire v USA

Both of these teams are surely proud to have made it this far. They’ve emerged from tough groups, bested traditional powers, and won hard-fought elimination matches. But only one can make it through to the final. Will it be the USA and their single stripe, or the watermarked orange elephants from West Africa?

Cote D'IvoireUSA

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Argentina v Croatia

This matchup is almost too tough to call. While it’s tough to knock the checkerboard from the Balkans, the sky blue and white stripes of the Argies are the tournament’s remaining nod to class and tradition. And only one will progress.


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2006 Shirt Cup: And Then There Were Eight

Crazy things can happen when you're down to eight teams

Part 2 of the 2006 Shirt Cup Round of 16 was lightly contested (that is, ahem, we didn’t get many votes), yet managed to entertain. Paraguay continued to roll, Argentina pulled out a tough match against Angola, Croatia gave the Italians a piece of their mind, and Ukraine defeated Les Bleus in injury time.

On to the quarterfinals:

England v Cote D’Ivoire

Definitely a worthy clash of styles in our first quarterfinal, as the classic white of England faces the as-yet-unchallenged oversized orange elephants from the Cote D’Ivoire. Is this the end of the line for the Africans? Or do they still have some life in them?

EnglandCote D'Ivoire

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USA v Togo

This matchup is made all the more interesting by the fact that most Americans would struggle to identify Togo as an independent nation, much less find it on a map — and yet, this shirt has been on a date with destiny since its dominant performance in the group phase. Will the clock strike midnight on Cinderella? Or will the Americans be the latest to fall?


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Paraguay v Argentina

There’s more than South American bragging rights at stake here (though not much more). The final adidas entry squares off with one of three remaining Puma shirts, in a battle of vertical stripes — and we certainly can’t argue with that. No one’s managed to give Paraguay a match yet; they should have their hands full with the Argies.


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Croatia v Ukraine

The fourth quarterfinal certainly doesn’t lack for color and style — Croatia’s red checks roll on, while the blue and gold of Ukraine were lucky to get past France. The Croatians will be heavily favored, but this Ukraine shirt knows how to win a close game.


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2006 Shirt Cup Round of 16: Part 1 Results; Part 2 Begins!

It's one and done for the unlucky at this point in the tournament

And we are through the first half of the Round of 16 in the 2006 Shirt Cup Presented By F.C. Camena ™. The second round was mostly chalk, with three of the four matches going to the first-round winners (England was the lone group stage runner-up to advance). England soundly defeated the Old Enemy, Germany; Cote D’Ivoire handled the Portugese, the USA defeated Brazil (Sigh. We Can Only Dream.), and Togo continued their remarkable run by pounding Saudi Arabia.

Over the weekend, we’ll run the second half of the Round of 16, with a solid lineup of matches. Be sure to check in and vote:

2006 Shirt Cup Round of 16: Part 2

2006 Shirt Cup: On To The Knockout Rounds

It's one and done for these proud shirts

The group phase of the 2006 Shirt Cup Presented By F.C. Camena ™, the world’s leading interactive sartorial soccer tournament, is complete. 16 teams go through to the knockout rounds, 16 teams go home. In Group E, favorites USA and Italy cruised through at the expense of Ghana and the Czech Republic. In Group F, favorites Brazil conceded the group to Croatia, but both will go through to the next round. Togo was the runaway winner in Group G, with France narrowly sneaking through on goal differential. And in Group H, Ukraine stood tall while Saudi Arabia pipped Tunisia and Spain for the second spot.

Some quick stats on the group phase: in terms of manufacturers, Puma was the runaway winner, sending 7 of their 12 entries through; Nike sent 4 of 8 and adidas 3 of 6. Among the various confederations, South America can boast 3 of 4 entries into the next round; Africa had 3 of 5 and Europe 8 of 14. Asia, CONCACAF and Oceania only managed to send 2 of their collective 9 shirts to the knockout phase. Finally, if you’re just looking at the colors, it turns out that people really like…white, with 5 of 8 white entries making it through. Straight red (not counting burgundy Portugal) was 0 for 6, though red plus another color (white or some black and gold) was 3 for 3. Blue (not counting Argentina) and Yellow hit .500 (2 of 4 and 3 of 6, respectively), and there was no love for the lone green entry (Mexico).

Looking forward, the Round of 16 will take place in two parts, over four days: Part 1 will be June 1-2, and Part 2 will be June 3-4. The quarterfinals will run on June 5-6, the semis on June 7-8, and the final from June 9-11. As always, we invite your votes, your comments, and your feedback.

May the best shirt win.

Round Of 16 Part 1

Clock is ticking on 2006 Shirt Cup Group Stage

WC shirts_small.jpgJust a friendly reminder that the group stage of the 2006 Shirt Cup Presented By F.C. Camena ™ will be closing this evening at midnight, Eastern time. We have some exciting matchups that are likely to go into injury time — including a battle for second place in Group G between France and Switzerland and a three-way deadlock for the second spot in Group H (Spain, Tunisia, and Saudi Arabia) that might need to be settled on goal differential.

Be sure to check it out and vote today; look for a knockout bracket and the Round of 16 tomorrow.

Group E: Italy, Ghana, USA, Czech Republic

Group F: Brazil, Croatia, Australia, Japan

Group G: France, Switzerland, Korea Republic, Togo

Group H: Spain, Ukraine, Tunisia, Saudi Arabia

2006 Shirt Cup: First-Round Update

The 2006 Shirt Cup Presented By F.C. Camena

The first phase of group play finished early this morning, with Groups A, B, C, and D all sending two shirts through to the Round Of 16. It was an exciting opening round — and not without some surprises. In Group A, European tradition saw Germany and Poland easily through. In Group B, Paraguay was a shock runaway winner, with England sneaking through at the expense of voteless Trinidad and Sweden (not a single ballot for either shirt!). In Group C, largely considered to be among the most competitive groups, traditional power Argentina went through along with upstart Cote D’Ivoire. As usual, the Dutch flatter to deceive and crash out of the tournament. Finally, In Group D, Angola wins the group and a last-minute push for Portugal sends them into the knockout rounds — and leaves Mexico scratching their head.

Be sure to vote on Groups E-H. The draw for the knockout rounds will be released mid-week.

Group E: Italy, Ghana, USA, Czech Republic

Group F: Brazil, Croatia, Australia, Japan

Group G: France, Switzerland, Korea Republic, Togo

Group H: Spain, Ukraine, Tunisia, Saudi Arabia

The 2006 Shirt Cup Presented By F.C. Camena

The 2006 Shirt Cup Presented By F.C. Camena

Welcome to The 2006 Shirt Cup Presented By F.C. Camena, our semi-serious interactive sartorial soccer tournament. Over the next couple weeks, we’re going to give you, our loyal readers (we have loyal readers, right?) the chance to decide which 2006 FIFA World Cup Finalist has the coolest shirt.

The Shirt Cup will run roughly the same way as the actual World Cup. We’ll start with Group Play over the next eight days, with the top two vote-getters from each group advancing to the Round Of 16. The first four days will feature groups A-D, and the next four days will be groups E-H. After that, we’ll go to the knockout rounds, and we’ll use the same format as the actual World Cup in terms of pairings and seedings. Note that we’re using the home shirts, as best as we can tell from the FIFA site (and

And that’s about it. Just vote for the shirts you like best.

Group A: Germany, Costa Rica, Poland, Ecuador

Group B: England, Paraguay, Trinidad and Tobago, Sweden

Group C: Argentina, Cote D’Ivoire, Serbia and Montenegro, The Netherlands

Group D: Mexico, Iran, Angola, Portugal