F.C. Camena: Club Officers

#13Pjdinho: EVP of Youth Development Programme, Technical Analysis. A founding member of F.C. Camena, Pjdinho has done much to shape the proud history of the club. Today, he owns the day-to-day operations of the Youth Development Programme, which is widely regarded as one of the strongest and most rigorous anywhere in the world. He has been personally responsible for development of superstars like Euserio, Zola, and Stoicklov, and is beloved by almost all of his former players. Said De Stehano of Pjdinho, “I would have never had this kind of dribble accuracy or short passing ability without Pjdinho; he is an inspiration.”

#7ADUnited: COO, Director of Gameday Production. A former MLS employee, Adunited brings a significant amount of hands-on experience to F.C. Camena. His innovative ideas for in-stadium entertainment and grass-roots fan development have raised the profile of F.C. Camena both locally and around the world. While he was willing to forgo the high salary and glamour of MLS for the more humble halls of F.C. Camena, he takes a long view and was willing to invest in the future of the club. Among other career highlights, Adunited is the only one on staff who’s attended a post-game party with freshly crowned MLS Cup winners. Also, he can confirm that Freddy Adu “looks like a child” in person.

#5The Eusebio Of Grant And The Boulevard: SVP of Marketing, Commercial Development, and West Coast Operations. While other members of the club’s executive leadership focus on results on the pitch and player development, The Eusebio Of Grant And The Boulevard is focused on building F.C. Camena into one of the most valuable sports brands in the world. “People ask me why I spend so much time fooling around with the team’s uniforms, but if you want to sell officially licensed products in Asia, you need to have a sweet-looking shirt.” The Eusebio Of Grant And The Boulevard negotiated the club’s most recent sponsorship deal with Sorry Perhaps plc, and looks forward to expanding F.C. Camena’s reach into new markets: “When people are selling knockoff Camena shirts from Thailand on eBay, then I’ll know we’ve arrived.”

11Mervin Gavarnes: CFO and Director of Competitive Analysis. Mervin Gavarnes brings a rich heritage groundbreaking academic work to his role with F.C. Camena, having written extensively on the performance of players in their walk year as well as the economic impact of gaming and women’s basketball on local communities. At F.C. Camena, he keeps a close watch on the transfer market and monitors the product offerings of competitors. Mervin Gavarnes is even willing to roll up his sleeves and play the dread “other” video game. Now let us never speak of this “other” game again.

#9Don Speedy: SVP, International Development, Associate Director of Public Relations. As SVP of International Development, Don Speedy is tasked with not only extending the reach of F.C. Camena abroad, but also with bringing all the rich flavors and strange customs of the world back to F.C. Camena. He is uniquely qualified for this role due to being the only one of our staff to demonstrate mastery of more than one language. He also knows what a lot of the international hand swears are as well.