The 2006 Shirt Cup Round Of 16: Part 1

Germany v England

The old enemies meet again! It’s white on white in a derby-like atmosphere. Will the hosts pull through? A lot is at stake for adidas here; any result for Umbro here is gravy.


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Cote D’Ivoire v Portugal

Nothing dull about these shirts, as orange elephants face off against Portugal’s Robin (as in “Batman and”) kit. Can the Cote D’Ivoire’s momentum carry them through to the quarterfinals?

Cote D'IvoirePortugal

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USA v Brazil

Somewhere in Oregon, people are smiling. This is a dream marketing matchup for the good people at Nike, and certainly a tough match to call. Will it be the USA’s retro look or the canary-yellow nehru collars from Brazil? I know who I like in this one….


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Togo v Saudi Arabia

Suprise first-round powerhouse Togo squares off with surprise qualifier Saudi Arabia. Not much history between these two shirts, but you can be sure that whomever comes out on top, Puma wins.

TogoSaudi Arabia

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