The 2006 Shirt Cup Round Of 16: Part 2

Paraguay v Poland

The first of two alliterative round-of-16 matchups has the vertical stripes of Paraguay facing off against the watermarked Polish eagle. Puma’s happy either way, but after the opening round, I’d be surprised if the Polish kit was able to sneak through; Paraguay just seems to have a lot of momentum.


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Angola v Argentina

Upstart Angola is feeling justifiably pleased following their group-stage success, but can they carry that success with them into the knockout phase? They will certainly have their hands full with Argentina, one of the classiest looks in the tournament, and clearly the strongest remaining adidas entry.


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Croatia v Italy

These Adriatic neighbors are certainly well-acquainted, but familiarity will only make this rivalry more intense. The distinctive checkered pattern of Croatia is distinctive, but this is the Azzurri we’re talking about — one of the best-known looks in world football. Can the Italians score the upset?


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Ukraine v France

Upstart Ukraine’s Lotto kit (thank you, Sheva) were big winners in Group H; can they hold off Les Bleus? France were lucky to sneak into the second round, but they have a wealth of knockout experience and certainly will not feel the pressure like the Ukranians. Still, Ukraine have nothing to fear and will come to play.


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